Why you should use Living Trusts on the Web

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Why We "Zoom" Past Our Competition

We only do one thing, Living Trusts, and we do it better than anyone else! Remember, with our program you are getting all of the documents an attorney would prepare for you, with all of the detail an attorney would provide, without paying an attorney fee. You get this because you are using the same software that the attorney uses but with an "user-friendly" interface especially designed for the non-attorney.


This is a tailored estate plan for your specific family and financial situation. All of the other internet trust assembly packages give you "cookie-cutter" documents that are not specific for the individual. With Living Trusts on the Web, you are actually creating your estate plan utilizing the same "question and answer" process that an experienced estate planning attorney would use. The documents are then prepared with the same language and assembly software used by hundreds of attorneys through-out the United States. You get a program which allows you to make the appropriate and necessary decisions to ensure that your estate is ultimately distributed in the manner that you desire and, as a result, an estate plan which is completely specific for you. Again, these are NOT pre-printed forms with your personal information merged in; this is a complete estate plan custom tailored for YOU by YOU.

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Unlike the other internet trust assembly programs, you get all of the necessary supporting documents for a complete estate plan. A Living Trust is only part (although the most important part) of an effective estate plan. It is very important to have all of the necessary components to insure that you will be covered, and your family protected, regardless of what happens in the future (click here to see a complete list and description of the documents included in the package; compare to any other program).

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You get all of the documentation, assignments and letters of instruction to properly title your assets into your trust. Remember, it is only when your assets are in the trust that they do not have to go through probate at death. The other internet trust assembly programs do not offer this extremely important option.

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You get your estate plan now; ready to be signed. You have all of the documents in your word processor where you can see how the provisions look to you and make any changes in the wording to make the language fit your situation. Nothing needs to be mailed to you (and, as a result, be unchangeable).

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Our documents are completely state specific. No other internet trust assembly program gives you documents which are individually specific for your state; documents which take into account all of the tax and health care particulars for each state. You get the equivalent of having your estate plan prepared by, not just a specialist in estate planning, but a specialist in estate planning for your state. “State Specific” does not mean generic forms which “should” work in all states (which most sites provide); what it is should mean is that the documents included in the program are the same as the actual forms used by attorneys in your particular state and, in the case of the health care powers, the forms actually created by the laws of your state (when you are dealing with other people, particularly in the health care field, you want them to be comfortable with your documents because they are the same as what they are use to seeing).

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You get continued support whenever there is a change in the federal and/or state laws that might affect your trust. Changes in tax regulations or in other laws, whether in ten months or in ten years, can make a significant difference in how effective your estate plan will be; when you are entered into our database, you will receive notification of any changes on a federal and/or state level which might affect your estate plan. And you will have the opportunity to complete an amended Trust Package for one-half of our current price.

To keep our product costs as low as possible, we do not generally offer telephone support; in addition, we need to make sure we are not giving “legal advice”. We are responsive to any email questions and, if you include your telephone number, we will call you if we cannot adequately answer your question by an email reply. Please be advised that the other sites which offer “telephone support” are not giving you legal advice either, nor are the calls being answered by attorneys or trained professionals; usually, the telephone support persons are college kids working from “canned” responses. With our site, our replies to any questions will be complete and specific to your actual inquiry.

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For a married couple, our software will automatically determine the right type of trust for your situation based on the answers you provide in the assembly process. An attorney can choose from a number of different types of Living Trusts after interviewing you (e.g. a simple "probate avoidance trust"; a "Disclaimer Trust"; an "A/B Trust"; a "QTIP Trust"; or, a "Qualified Domestic Trust"). Because no other internet trust assembly program has our context-sensitive interview process, with any other program you wind up with a pre-configured trust which may or may not be appropriate or you are expected to make a choice between only two types of trust. First, you should not be expected to make this technical and legal decision and, secondly, there are five types of trusts not just two. The trust must be appropriate for you because of the important tax savings which go with the right type of trust, the degree of control you want to give to the surviving spouse, and the very real possibility of unnecessary administrative burdens on the surviving spouse with too complex a trust for your situation. With our software, and with our unique trust-configuration matrix, you will always get the appropriate type of trust automatically. Married Couples, click here.

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Other than the essential information to maintain the database (no critical information is held in the database and this information will never be disseminated to anyone), none of your personal information is held on our server or is ever sent over the internet. We do not ask for your Social Security number nor will we ever ask for any specific financial details (such as account numbers). Your confidential information is never transmitted or kept anywhere else. [Click here to view our privacy statement]

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If you went to an attorney, especially an experienced attorney who specialized in estate planning, you could expect to pay from $1,000 to $2,500 as an individual and from $1,500 to $5,500 for a married couple. Even the cut-rate or discount firms, with their "cookie-cutter" forms, would charge you from $700 to $1,500. With Living Trusts on the Web, you get the same quality estate plan as you would expect from an estate planning specialist for $149 for an individual and $199 for a married couple.

You can pay less on some other internet sites, but you will be "getting what you pay for"! Most of the internet options merely provide you with preprinted forms for your completion; the sites which do some merging of information still use just a "one-size-fits-all" prepackaged form. The only other site which gives you some minimal options for the completion of your estate plan uses a "bait and switch" by charging you separately for all of the necessary documents and then for the transfer of any real property; by the time you pay them for all of the extras, you are paying substantially more than our price but not getting the completeness and sophistication of our software. Don't be fooled by our low price; remember, with our program you are getting all of the documents an attorney would prepare for you, with all of the detail an attorney would provide, without paying an attorney fee. You get this because you are using the same software that the attorney uses but with a custom interface designed for the non-attorney.

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