Living Trust and Estate Planning; EASY, ONLINE & AFFORDABLE!

  • 1. CUSTOM -- We do not use fill-in-the-blanks "canned" forms for your estate planning, living trust or will; these are attorney-quality, state specific estate planning documents are custom created by you on your own computer! Our browser-based living trust software has context-sensitive question and answer screens so the estate planning program knows the proper questions to ask based on your answers to the previous questions. We are the only on-line living trust and estate planning service that permits you to fully see what you are getting before you pay! Click here to plan your estate now. Married Couples Estate Plan.
  • 2. COMPLETE -- The package includes all of the necessary state-specific documents to fully create an effective, all-encompassing estate plan, living trust or will, including "HIPAA" compliant health care powers (incorporating a "living will") and the deeds to transfer real property. Click here to see a complete list and description of the documents included in the estate planning and living trust package.
  • 3. PRICED RIGHT -- Our price includes the full Living Trust Package; there are no hidden costs or "add-on" fees. There is no better living trust or estate planning product available for any price! You can pay less but you will get what you paid for! Click here for living trust and estate plan pricing information.

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Fore! Trust Software (dba "Living Trusts on the Web")

"I am a California attorney and I use Living Trusts on the Web to prepare the Living Trust and related documents for my clients. The documents are better than I can produce with most of the software available for attorneys and are completely specific for California; I can easily customize the estate plan for the exact needs of my clients. I really appreciate that I can preview the documents before the download and that I can easily edit the documents, if necessary, once they are on my computer."
N.H., Esq.
"You guys are awesome!!! Thanks for all your help, I really appreciate you getting back to me so quickly, I have already told my friends about your service on-line. In times today, it's really great to know that someone cares and takes the time to service "their product" and you guys are really helpful and I can't tell you how much that matters.. Thanks again,"
Cheryl W.
"This note is to thank you for the Living Trust Package structured for my situation. The content was much more than I expected; it was structured for my state, Michigan, and it covered my Living Trust, Final Will, all my medical decisions, end of life choices, burial instructions and so forth. I was surprised it was structured so well that I was able to complete it without any other legal assistance. Not only was it much more comprehensive than other Trusts I investigated but was also much, much less expensive than what I had been quoted from other sources as well as far less expensive than what my friends had already paid. The quick and friendly assistance from your Support Team as it was needed also exceeded my expectations."
"Just a note to let you know I finalized the living trust by getting everything notarized and witnessed as well as getting the deed recorded in the name of the trust. That part of it was so very easy. It has been a pleasure working with living trusts on the web and your estate planning product. My estate is now in perfect order and already has the first item in it--our home. Onward to including the investments next. I have recommended your estate planning service to 5 or 6 people already."
Dennis O.
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